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Please give 24 hours notice for multiple quarts of garlic & jalapeno olives.



   Feta Cheese

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$4.00 per pint or $7.00 per quart

Kosher Dill - A blessed dill pickle.
New York Full Sour - Salt brine pickle. Very salty with a bit of sourness.
New York Half Sour - Salt brine pickle, very light, fresh and crisp - like eating a lightly salted and peppered cucumber.
Pickled Tomatoes - Whole green tomatoes in a salt brine - like eating a sour pickle.
Gator 'Maters' - Pickled dill green tomatoes
Horse Bites - Our #1 Best Seller. Sweet with a kick of horseradish.
Southwest Sweeties - A local favorite. Sweet pickle with a jalapeno flavor (not hot).
Cinn-fully Sweet - Very sweet pickle with a hint of cinnamon
Sweet BNB's - Bread and butter pickle.
Seminole Sweets - Zesty bread and butter pickle with a bite at the end.
Fickle Pickle - Sweet, sour - not sure what it wants to be! Fickled?
Slap-N-Tickle Pickle - Turns from sweet to sour then to hot. Yes, a little slap-n-tickle could lead to something hot! :)
Ranchero - Dill pickle with a hint of ranch. Contains MSG.
Pickle on a Stick - Old barrel kosher dill served on a stick.
Ball Parks - Sour dill pickle with a mustard finish.
Salt & Vinegar - Just that!
Hot Dill - Mild of our hot pickles. Nice warm up, nice finish and then the heat subsides.
After Shock - Moving up in the heat range - sour, then hot finish.
Ginger Snaps - Nice hot pickle with a ginger flavor - this one has some hang time.
Hot Garlic Dill - Our most popular of the hot pickles. The sting comes at the end!
Spicy Ranchero - Popular version of our Ranchero - not known for heat, but it's spicy! Contains MSG.
Casper - Not the friendly ghost! Made with the ghost pepper and considered a mouth burn by most.
Scorture - Made with the scorpion pepper from Trinidad. Hottest naturally grown pepper - a 2 million on the scale. This pickle has a nice burst of peppery flavor and provides a warm feeling in your chest.
Reaper Madness - Carolina reaper pepper - a hybrid that has instant heat. This baby is HOT!
Cherry Bombs - Hot cherry peppers with an exceptional brine. Great on pizza or cheese steaks.
Fiesta - Chile lime
Sweet Gar-Leeks - Sweet pickle with garlic and leeks
Mangonero - No added sugar. Sweetness comes from mango, heat
    comes from habanero.
Hard Cider - A cider vinegar based pickle with a warming sensation.

Kids Favorites!!

Classic Dills
Garlic Dill - Very popular mild garlic flavored dill pickle.
Pucker Sours - Very sour dill pickle.

Keto-Friendly Sweet Pickles

Dutch Pickle - Sweet and spicy. A sugar-free pickle made with Splenda and Tobasco
Sweet Dill-Lites - Sweet dill pickle. A sugar-free pickle made with Splenda

                 * HOT pickles listed in red

Our famous Pickles

Due to the nature of our products, we do not offer shipping. Check back often for product updates and new flavors!

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